10 teams who hold the highest shirt sponsorship deal in the world

Liverpool – New Balance
Liverpool’s clothes sponsor is New Balance Sports Agency. The contract with the Harbor City football team and New Balance is effective from 2012-2020. The amount of the sponsorship is up to EUR 50 million a season.
Juventus – Adidas
Adidas was the primary footwear supporter of Juventus from 2019-2027 under the deal agreed. EUR 51 million a season is the starting number that Adidas offers.
PSG – Nike
The principal clothing sponsor of PSG is Nike. The new deal between the rich man of France and Nike has a period of up to 13 years, from 2019 to 2032. The contribution that PSG earns from Nike is EUR 60 million per season.
Bayern Munich – Adidas
Since 2015, Adidas has been the familiar costume sponsor of Bayern Munich. EUR 60 million a season is the sponsorship amount that Adidas invests. The deal between them is valid until 2030 and hopes to be much longer.
Chelsea – Nike
Chelsea and Nike are undoubtedly the most faithful partners since their new deal extends for 15 years-from 2017 to 2032. Chelsea will earn €68 million in funding per season from the Nike Sports Corporation.
Arsenal – Adidas

Adidas is the exclusive footwear sponsor for Arsenal

The contracts between Gunners and Adidas are for the period from 2019 to 2024. Under the deal, the sum of Adidas’ investment in Arsenal amounts to EUR 70 million per season.
Manchester City – Puma
Not Nike or Adidas, Puma is the owner of the Manchester City clothing. The deal between Manchester City and Puma is effective from 2019 to 2029. Man City earns EUR 75 million in funding from Puma per season.
Manchester United – Adidas
Man City stands in the place of Man United. Per season, the Manchester Reds earn 94 million euros from the clothing sponsor Adidas. The sports corporation has been working with Man United since 2015 and has been in operation for another 6 years.
Real Madrid – Adidas
The second position belongs to Real Madrid, with EUR 120 million per season. This money comes from their major clothing sponsor, Adidas. Real Madrid and Adidas signed a subsequent contract extension this year, extending the relationship until 2026.
Barcelona – Nike
With 150 million euros, Barcelona is the most funded team. Their sponsor is Nike Sport. The contract term between Nike and Barca will run until 2028. It’s said that Nike is seeking to become a personal sponsor of Messi.