In the brand battle, Adidas won Nike

Irrespective of factors outside football, the World Cup saw a fierce rivalry between the two “giants” in the area of sports equipment. It’s Adidas and Nike. 4 representatives in the semi-finals, each brand contributes 2, the balance of strength.

Through the eight World Cups alone, Adidas was crowned four times, while its main rival, Nike, was crowned only once. Even in the first big season, when FIFA allowed the costume sponsor logo to appear on the national team’s chest, Adidas took the lead in the 1984 EURO championship for the French.

There was a time when Nike and Adidas could not entirely dominate the sportswear industry today

At that point, fans were also familiar with the logos of the sportswear brands in their heartbeat. Umbro, French, German, Adidas, Italian Kappa and Nike were poor at the time when they couldn’t meet the football giants. 

This is a very significant number in the present tough economic times. Nike seems to have been left behind as his reps shrink and become less successful than Adidas. It may include Barcelona, Man City, PSG… Barca is of course a big name, but their contract period only lasts until the summer of 2018, but there have been several rumors that Barca’s leadership wants a higher valuation instead of EUR 33 million per season.

If Nike isn’t fast, they’ll probably lose this elite competitor if they know that Barca’s No. 1 superstar-Lionel Messi-is the brand marketing representative for Adidas. Adidas is still ready to endorse the purchase of Messi this summer because they are particularly “scandalous” as “El Pulga” plays Nike’s outfits on a regular basis.

Real Madrid, Bayern, last season’s German team and the “new kings” described in May are also difficult to escape from Adidas members. Chelsea in the Premier League, Bayern in the Bundesliga, Real Madrid in the Liga, and these are still the best names in the Champions League.

It appears, therefore, that after years of fierce rivalry, Adidas has beaten Nike in this frenzy of brand warfare.