Many companies have a recognizable “look and know” logo in the production of world-famous shoe brands, which draws many buyers to use. The logo of the popular shoe companies is not only a special picture that reaches the memory of the consumers, but also buried deep inside the message that the retailer wants to convey to the sports enthusiasts.


The name “Nike” comes from the name of the Greek god of triumph, and Swoosh is the wings of that god. Often, in English, Swoosh is used to describe the sound of an object traveling at an incredibly high speed. 

Combining picture and sound, Davidson developed the Swoosh with a sign of horizontal and upward commas that evokes a sense of pace and agility to fit the sporty theme.


Adidas is considered a “diversified logo” shoe company

This shift in the world shoe company logo is constantly proportional to the brand’s growth. Each logo of Adidas has a different meaning. There are actually four forms of logos that are common to consumers for brand identity. 

Logo reflects the entire corporation: originally, these three stripes were sewn onto the shoe pieces to help them stick and to make them more comfortable while running rapidly, eventually evolved into three decorative stripes and symbolizes the Adidas group. 

Logo triangular 3 stripes: three hills at an angle of 30 degrees bearing the image of the mountain tops, the next mountain is higher than the previous one with the sense of overcoming difficulties, followed by the slogan ‘Challenge to be met, Targets to be accomplished’ (Conquer challenges, achieve goals)

3-leaf clover logo: after a while, the company chose to use this logo to reflect items inherited from sport but for the purpose of design rather than movement. 

Circle logo: also bearing the same 3 stripes, but it’s stylized, with differences in the circle. Via this small branch, the brand wants to reach out to more fashion-style people to attract young people, particularly to the generation of price-conscious consumers like NEO, …